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Da Lashes is one of the most professional eyelash extension and nail extension service providers in Waterdown, Canada. We aim to provide the best quality service and offer the best products to customers. With The Da Lashes are of superior quality at the industry's lowest prices because we picked products from the manufacturer and provide genuine service. Our raw materials, packaging materials, and service process meet the quality standards of ISO 9001.

I love DA LASHES! All of the staff members are amazing! They are all very knowledgeable, kind, and they provide exceptional customer service. The environment is very relaxing and welcoming. And I love “Self-care Sundays” Mimosas and lashes, what more could a girl ask for? I highly recommend this salon to anyone that is even considering getting lashes! You will not be disappointed!

Kelly, Burlington

The first time I got my lashes done I was scared to look thought I was going to be disappointed but when I looked in the mirror it was the BEST lash job and brow tint I have ever seen

Because your Lashes talk

As it is rightly said when it comes to our beauty, our eyes play an important role. Infect our eyes are most vital part of our face when it comes to beauty. If you compare your eyes to a window, you can then compare your lashes with the curtains of that window. Long, dark and bold lashes look pretty and attractive. If you intend to wake up with dark, long eyelashes every single day without using the mascara, the Eyelashes provided by Da Lashes are the perfect choice to add an instant length, curl and fullness to your natural lashes. Da Lashes uses highly trendy and recognised eyelashes. Notorious for looking incredibly real and natural, these Lashes are feather light, thus allowing to have a customised volume requirement for each one of you. .

What are Eyelash Extensions?

They are semi - permanent lashes that are applied to your natural lashes using glue. They are generally applied to the top of lash line to make your Lashes appear fuller and longer, while enhancing your eye shape.

How to choose the right Eyelash Extensions for you?

Most people don't realise that applying Lash Extensions is an art. It's not one size fits all. Since everyone has a different face shape it's important for women to understand that lash extensions are enhancement of your Natural Lashes.

Basically there are four types of eyelash extensions available depending on price, material, comfort and style.

1. Synthetic Lash Extensions

These are a common choice for many lash fans - newbie and regular alike. They come in variety of lengths, styles and are most affordable bunch also known for being versatile.

2. Silk fibers

They are not made with real silk , however the material comes from Silk Fibers , which makes them lighter and more flexible. These Lashes gives you a fuller look and are still on the affordable end.

3. Volume lashes:

They are defined by the number of individual Lash Extensions that are clustered together into a fan. They give you a more voluminous and dramatic look and are ideal if you have natural strong lashes.

4. Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid Lash Extensions combine two styles – classic lashes and Russian lashes – to create a more natural look. Classic lashes, where 1 lash extension is applied to 1 of your natural lashes, are added at some spots to add length to the lashes. Russian volume lashes are small clusters of 2-6 attached lashes applied to 1 of the natural lashes. These are used to add more density and fullness.

Also there are several other types such as B curl, C - curl, D - curl and L and L+ curl.

1. The B curl is most natural looking curl and mainly suitable if you have straight lashes and require little lifting.

2. The C- curl fits almost all eye types and is thus the most popular curl. If you have thin natural lashes you would love to go for a C - curl to make them appear open and fuller.

3. D- curl is perfect when you want to achieve a dramatic look and is best if you have naturally curly lashes.

4. Finally L and L+ curl a flat base and then lifts upwards choose this if you have single eyelids and lashes pointing downward.